7 Deadly Sins: Pride

We are kicking off a brand-new series on the 7 Deadly Sins, which will take us through the season of Lent – a Christian practice that begins on Wednesday, March 6 and continues for 40 days. And, I know at first glance this doesn’t seem like a lot of fun. A seven-week series on sin doesn’t seem all that glamorous, and can seem like a bit much. But, here is why I believe that it not only will matter, but why I think you shouldn’t miss a week. It’s because of this one question…

What if your life could change?

Because, here is what I believe. I believe that in Western society, we try to manage, cope, and live with our junk. But, what we want to explore is how Jesus and His Spirit can set us free from all the mess in our lives.

What if you could be free from anger permeating your house?

What if you could be free from greed wrecking your career?

What if you could be free from arrogance destroying your relationships?

What if you can be free from your sin?

This is what we are going to be looking at. Because, we here at Bethany believe that Jesus didn’t come to the world to judge, condemn, and guilt people for sin, rather He came to set us free from sin. And, that’s exactly what we believe He will do.


3 comments on “7 Deadly Sins: Pride

  1. Fred Eisinga on

    It will be very revealing as to how these Seven Deadly Sins are affecting my life, and that there is a way to be set free from them..
    Looking forward to next couple of Sundays. It will be challenging.


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