7 Deadly Sins: Sloth

This weekend, we are continuing in our series, 7 Deadly Sins, and we are looking at the sin of sloth. And, at first glance, I would wager that most of us don’t see this sin as all that deadly. Like honestly, sleeping in, reading a book, watching Netflix, and having coffee doesn’t seem sinful – it seems fantastic.

But, what we want to do is dive into this topic a bit further, because at its heart, being slothful isn’t about being at rest, but rather it’s about avoidance.

And, we’re going to unpack this, because when I started to realize what it’s all about, I saw how much of it is in my life. I know, my life is incredibly busy and hectic (probably much like yours), yet the truth is it is not only possible, but incredibly probable, to be busy and slothful at the same time.

So, I hope you can join us for this important conversation.


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