7 Deadly Sins: Wrath

This weekend, we are wrapping up our 7 Deadly Sins sermon series looking at a big topic: Wrath.

Now, this is a really important conversation, because in many ways our world is an angry world. There is anger all over the place. It’s so common. It’s so expected. You only need to go online to see anger just spewing forth.

But, I don’t think anger is helpful. Because, when we engage in and indulge our anger, it can hurt and wreck relationships.

Therefore, we want to take a closer look at this topic, recognizing that we are all likely to feel angry at times, and will continue to over the span of our lives. We’ll also learn that while anger isn’t wrong, our response to it often is. What we want to focus in on is how to deal with our anger, and why it can become dangerous when it is left unresolved.

So, I hope you can join us for this weekend that I think could benefit us all.

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