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God designed us to live in community. We need God. We need each other. And, we believe that the life change of following Jesus happens best in community!

That’s where Home Churches come in. They are meant to help us take our next steps in following Jesus, together. Home Church is where anyone, whether you’re exploring who Jesus is, or you’ve been following Jesus for years, can come together and experience more of what church is all about. We value care, vulnerability and trust, and we spend time each week reading from scripture, praying together and engaging on the teaching from Bethany’s weekend services. Through Home Church we hope to see more and more people taking their next steps with Jesus, together.

Home Churches are usually 5-12 people and meet all over the Niagara region on almost any day of the week. Most meet in a host home and run for 10 weeks at a time in the Fall, Winter and Spring seasons.

If you’re interested in joining a Home Church for the upcoming season please click on the “Find a Home Church” button below to get started. You can also email homechurch@bethanycc.ca so we can help you with any questions.

Our next season of Home Church will be kicking off the week of Jan 12, 2020.

Fall Season: Sep 15-Nov 23, 2019. Sign Up: Sun Aug 11-Sun Sep 15, 2019

Winter Season: Jan 12-Mar 21, 2020. Sign Up: Sun Dec 22, 2019-Sun Jan 12, 2020

Spring Season: Apr 19-Jun 13, 2020. Sign Up: Sun Apr 5-Sun Apr 19, 2020

Home Church FAQs

  • Why Home Churches?

    As much as we love gathering for weekend services, we believe that being a follower of Jesus is always best done in community! So we do Home Church to help us journey together and serve others as we learn to follow and share Jesus, together.

  • Who is Home Church for?

    Home Church is for anyone who wants to know Jesus more and explore how to follow Him more with others. Our Home Churches are for highschool grads and older (our kids and youth ministries are available for younger ages).

  • How do I connect to a Home Church?

    Start by checking out our Home Church map where you can find Home Churches near you. If you need additional help we’d invite you to email homechurch@bethanycc.ca.

  • Do you study the Bible in Home Church?


    Yup! Our Home Church Study Guides are always based on the passages of the Bible that we look at in our weekend services and help us respond to what we are taught from scripture. So if you have one, whether it’s on your phone, tablet or a physical copy, you are always encouraged to bring a Bible to Home Church.



  • How often do Home Churches meet?

    We meet in the fall, winter and spring seasons for 10 weeks at a time. Home Churches meet weekly in each season since this seems to give us the best results for building community, creating trust and for spiritual growth. However, we recognize that various seasons of life can make meeting weekly a serious challenge and so some of our Home Churches meet bi-weekly.

  • Do Bethany Home Churches replace going to weekend services?

    Nope. In fact, our Home Churches continue on from what we hear and learn in our weekend services.

  • Do we have to change Home Churches every season?

    No. If you have found a Home Church that you are growing in we hope you’ll continue on in that group.

  • Do we need to stay in the same Home Church for life?

    No. We run 3, 10-week seasons each year that allow “on and off ramps” because we recognize that change happens. Healthy Home Churches will shift and change organically, on their own, as members are open to the Spirits leading, and sometimes we might need to step out of our Home Church for a period of time.

  • What should I bring to Home Church?

    Not much. Since our Home Churches continue the conversation from our weekend services, it’s easy to just show up. We provide Home Church Study Guides in hard copy from each weekend, and you can also find them online along with our sermons. Other than that all that’s really needed for Home Church is a willingness to connect with God and others. Although snacks are always a good idea, too.

  • What can I expect from being part of a Home Church?

    You can expect to be a part of a small group of people who are interested in, and learning to follow, Jesus. You’ll be encouraged to form meaningful relationships with those in your Home Church in which you support one another in taking your next step in following Jesus and share the ups and downs of life. Practically speaking you will meet on a weekly basis, have intentional conversations around the sermon content and scripture, and pray for one another. You will also be challenged to serve others in your community once a season.

  • What do Home Churches study?

    We encourage all our Home Churches to study the Home Church Study Guide. The content encourages us to engage with the scripture, teaching and challenge offered on the weekend. It promotes taking our next steps in obedience to Jesus as we let ourselves be transformed by what we learn and not just intaking more information.

  • Where do Home Churches meet?

    Home churches meet in a host house in various neighbourhoods across the Niagara Region.

  • How do I become a Home Church leader or host?

    If you are interested in leading or hosting a Home Church, you can find out more by filling out the brief online form. Once completed, someone from our Group Life Office will connect with you to do an interview. Please note that it is helpful for you to have previously been engaged in a Bethany Home Church.

  • How many people are in a Home Church?

    Home Churches vary in size and can begin with as few as 3 people and as large as 12.

Study Guides are organized according to the weekend service. Find the applicable series and sermon and you will find the corresponding Home Church Study Guide listed below.

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