Alpha or Home Church: What’s the Right Fit for You?

Are you familiar with the 401 highway running through Toronto?

It has two parts to it – the express lanes and the collectors. Two parts of the highway running parallel to each other, each full of vehicles going in the same direction, but each doing so with a slightly different purpose. That’s the picture I’ve been thinking of when I think of Home Church and Alpha.

Because, at least at first, both can seem like they’re doing the exact same thing…

  • Both meet in homes or another local space.
  • Both encourage honest and open conversation.
  • Both provide the chance for good and deep relationships. 
  • Both look to the person of Jesus and what He teaches.

So, what’s the right fit for you? Are we inviting you to do both?

The answer is “No, we’re not.” Here’s why…

Just like the 401 express and collectors are doing the same thing, but in slightly different ways, Home Church and Alpha both want to help people know and follow Jesus more, but are designed just a little bit different.

Home Church is for people who have already started following Jesus or know they want to.

Alpha is for people who aren’t there yet, but are interested in knowing and experiencing more.

Alpha is like an on-ramp to following Jesus and the transformation that He brings, like the collector lanes, that give people a feel for who Jesus is and what He’s about.

Home Church is more like the express lanes, still moving in the same direction, but with a little more commitment.

So no, we’re not inviting you to be in a Home Church AND Alpha, but we are inviting you to be part of ONE this fall.

That means if you’re already a Christian and following Jesus, we think you’ll connect best in a Home Church.

And, if you’re still exploring, or even skeptical about, Jesus, then Alpha could be a great experience for you.

Now, maybe you’re already in a Home Church, but feel God inspiring you to host an Alpha for friends and neighbours. That’s great! Your Home Church can be supporting and praying for you through this season as you step away from meeting weekly with them to host or help in Alpha.

You can find out more about both Home Church and Alpha by stopping by the Next Steps area after our weekend services and talking to one of our team members. We’d love to hear your questions and connect with you!