Alpha: Pray, Host, Help

Earlier this summer, we explored the reality that it is sometimes hard to invite and introduce people to Jesus. To help with this, we are launching and facilitating Alpha this coming fall.

Well, actually, it’s not just us, but rather churches across Niagara, and even across Canada, are joining together to launch Alpha wherever they are!

As exciting as that is, I love that we started talking about Alpha with a focus on prayer, and invited everyone at Bethany to be praying through the summer for someone that they know to come to know Jesus. If you haven’t already started doing this, then now is a great time to start. And, if you have, well consider this a friendly reminder to keep praying!

But, there’s something else you can be praying about as well.

You see, as God works in the hearts of the people you’re praying for, and you start to look for ways to invite them to Alpha (stay tuned for more on that in a future post), they’re going to need an actual Alpha to attend. That’s where we need hosts and helpers who will not only be praying for someone that they know to come to know Jesus, but will be praying for and helping to facilitate an Alpha for a few people as well.

Hosting and helping at an Alpha is pretty much what it sounds like – you’re helping to provide a welcoming space and facilitating honest conversation. It’s not about answering questions so much as inviting them, and it’s still very much about praying for others and growing relationships with them.

So, if this interests you, here’s what you can do next… PRAY!

Yep, that’s the next step. Bring this idea to Jesus and ask Him for help in knowing if and how He is leading you to help run an Alpha in your home or neighbourhood. See what ideas, questions or hopes start to form as you do this, and we’ll talk soon!

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