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This post was submitted by Josh Tiessen, Curator of The B Gallery at Bethany
Established in 2014, The Bethany Gallery is located in the main café, featuring quarterly solo and group exhibitions of artists’ work in various styles and mediums. As a new member of CIVA, Christians in the Visual Arts, Bethany highlights the abundant creative talents God has given our artist community. We recognize that art provides life-giving beauty for enjoyment and contemplation, but also speaks as a prophetic voice that challenges the viewer and influences our cultural context.

Our current solo exhibition, entitled “Reawakening Our Sense Of Wonder,” features London,ON artist Philip S. Schmidt’s nature photography and connected art series, a multi-artist collaboration. These works evidence God’s presence and artistry in the natural world through images and poetic descriptions. If you haven’t had the pleasure of browsing Phil’s stunning ’National Geographic’ quality film photographs or read his articulate descriptions, I hope you will enjoy this sampling of his work below.

Josh Tiessen

Curator, The Bethany Gallery


Film Photograph

Philip Tripet, my late beloved father-in-law and longtime member of Bethany CC, presented me with a friendly photographic challenge when we visited his home country of Switzerland.  He noted that the Swiss Alps run southwest to northeast.  Therefore, he reasoned, the phenomenon of ‘alpenglow’ – when the mountaintops reflect the ‘cherry light’ of the sun when it’s just above the horizon – is strictly an evening spectacle.  Well.  My wife Jackie and I found ourselves at a ski hostel in Grindelwald, Switzerland.  And lo and behold!  The next morning, the rising sun, though hidden to our eyes, shone its crimson rays through the nooks and crannies of an immense mountain range that towered over the village.  The rays lit up a sheer mountain slope, so that it glowed like neon.  I set up my camera and tripod on the 2nd floor terrace of the hostel, fired the shutter, then ran back to our room to get Jackie.  I didn’t want her to miss this!  Out she came in her bathrobe, and not a moment too soon.  Within seconds, the magic light vanished.  Within moments, snow started to descend on Grindelwald.  But not before I got the shot.



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