Author: Peter Roessner

Up, With & Out

We can be honest in church, right? I want to take a moment to share a bit about the heartbeat behind the disciple-making framework we use at Bethany (Connecting daily with Jesus [Up], journey closely with others [With], and serving & blessing [Out]), as I understand it. I want to do this because I have…

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Armchair Musing: Spiritual Disciplines – A Foreign Land

A few weeks ago, I went to California for my cousin’s wedding. Becky (my wife) & I were staying in an Airbnb, which meant we had to find a grocery store, and other amenities we would utilize while we were there (most importantly, coffee shops!). As you would imagine, the first day or so we…

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Armchair Musing: Journeying Together

It’s a great feeling to be a part of a local church like Bethany. Our community is comprised of folks who come from many different walks of life, and various church backgrounds, if any. This reality results in the potential for a tremendous amount of Jesus-like-love and mutual learning, if we allow it to, as…

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