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For the Wonder of it All

Have you ever looked through a kaleidoscope before? Look through the tiny pinhole and you see a burst of light and colour come into view. Amazing how with something so simple, suddenly all of your surroundings are altered and are seen not as ordinary, but in vibrant colour. In a moment, what was once dull…

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Back to the Drawing Board

This post was submitted by Josh Tiessen, Curator of Bethany’s B Gallery. This is the last weekend to see Andrew Klassen’s exhibit, “Back to the Drawing Board.” (Dec 16-Mar 2) Take a few minutes to visit the exhibit this weekend. “The title of this exhibit was meant deliberately as a double entendre. I have been…

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Art at Bethany

This post was submitted by Josh Tiessen, Curator of The B Gallery at Bethany Established in 2014, The Bethany Gallery is located in the main café, featuring quarterly solo and group exhibitions of artists’ work in various styles and mediums. As a new member of CIVA, Christians in the Visual Arts, Bethany highlights the abundant creative talents…

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