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Site Development Report – Nov 2014

Exciting news!! The building permit has been issued for the construction of the pavilion. We give thanks to the Bethany membership for its endorsement and input, and to all of the committee members, architects, city staff and government agencies that have been involved in this process for the past three years in getting us to…

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Report from the Board of Overseers – Nov 2014

GENERAL REPORT: The Board of Overseers is pleased to announce the current members of our Board… Liz Froese: Chairperson Charles Conteh: Vice-Chairperson Cheryl Tyndall: Secretary Barry Boese: Treasurer/Chair of Finance Committee Louie Vanderberg: Chairperson of Governance & Accountability Committee Dave Morris: Chairperson of Human Resource Committee Cheryl Kirkness: Member of Human Resource Committee Arthur (A.D.)…

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