Christmas at Bethany


The Word became human
and made his HOME among us.
John 1:14


Service Times:

23rd at 7pm
24th at 3pm* 5pm** + 7pm
*Childcare: infant to 24mths
**Live on


Ponder the word home for a minute. What does home mean to you. What does home mean to others you know. What might home mean to people in different parts of the world.

Many thoughts and feelings spring to our minds. Depending on our experiences, these may be thoughts of happiness, warmth, security, and relationships or they could be of loneliness, sadness, fear or instability. And expectations around our Christmas seasons often intensify these feelings.

But what if the idea of home was more than our relational, financial or even political situations? What if home truly fulfilled our every longing and every need and was a space where we can be fully known and fully loved? What if home meant freedom from oppression, hope in the midst of fear, belonging over loneliness, and joy in the face of sadness.

What if Christmas was the reminder that home is possible now?