This week, I read that 800 people at GM in St. Catharines will be laid off on Monday. Sometimes, in academics or even theology, they call these experiences “moments of disruption.”

Most other people just call them awful. And, they are.

Whether you lose a job or have a health crisis, there’s a job layoff or a relationship crumbles – these are major life issues that not only cause doubt, but create real difficulty. Normal rhythms and routines, hopes and dreams are all put on hold.

And, into the void and space that’s left, fear often creeps in to fill it.

If you have ever been through something like this, you know how scary and difficult it can be. This is why we need to be proactive in prayer for those affected by disruptions like these.

But, more than that, we need to act.

Prayer is incredibly important, but prayer with caring actions is better. Listen, reach out, provide a meal, show up. These things matter immensely to those who are struggling.

What is also true is that it’s in these times – when things fall apart and fear creeps in – that God can most work.

As I look through Scripture, and think on my own experiences, I know that it’s in the darkest, wilderness times when God has most formed me.

It’s also the time when I have felt most alone, and life was most difficult.

So, today I write to simply remind you of something you likely already know – that while difficult times shape us, it’s often when we feel most alone and lost. And, what helps is for those around us to show up with love, care, listening, and long-term support. To remind us of what is always true…

That God will never leave us nor forsake us. (Hebrews 13:5)