Our boys have a habit of writing out their prayers. This is something they were taught at KidZone. They were even given little journals. And, often what we do is read their prayers together.

A while back, this is the prayer that Asher wrote…

Don’t worry, I’ll translate his handwriting for you. It says: “God, can you not let fear get a hold of me.”

And, I think this isn’t just a prayer for a six-year-old. I think this is one for every single person. Because, that’s so often what fear does. It gets a hold of us. It gets a hold of our hearts. It gets a hold of our minds. It starts to direct us and drive us.

Fear is a terrible thing, when it gets a hold of us.

What I shared with Asher that night is that his prayer is a beautiful one. Because, it is honest, true, and, most of all, one that God wants to answer. And, the way He answers it is for us to know His love.

As the Apostle John writes, “Perfect love casts out all fear.” (1 John 4:18). The more we trust in God, the more we receive from God. The more of God and love there is in our lives, the less room there is for fear.

The way to beat fear isn’t to try to debate our fears, to get rid of fear, or to deny it. The way to beat fear is to be filled with something greater and stronger – God’s love.

So, that night we prayed that God’s love would fill Asher, so that fear will never get a hold of him. And, I share this with you, because this isn’t something that I think just Asher needed to hear. It’s something I know I needed to hear, and maybe you do as well.

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  1. Ernie Jones on

    There is a current song called “Fear is a liar” that speaks to this issue. When I was Ashers age, my fear was the monster under my bed. I can still recall how my parents helped me overcome that fear by facing it and showing me thre was no monster under my bed. But, I always checked before I went to sleep anyway. Lol


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