For the Wonder of it All

Have you ever looked through a kaleidoscope before? Look through the tiny pinhole and you see a burst of light and colour come into view. Amazing how with something so simple, suddenly all of your surroundings are altered and are seen not as ordinary, but in vibrant colour. In a moment, what was once dull and normal has been refracted into beauty. What was seemingly insignificant, becomes something to behold, something of wonder.

And isn’t that what faith is? When Jesus enters into our lives we move from old to new. From death to life. From hopelessness to hope. And not only that but we can’t help but see through the lens of Jesus. We start to see through the eyes of a kingdom that transcends this earth and a God who transcends our circumstances. Suddenly what seemed lost and broken has new hope in Christ. What seemed bleak and dull is now bursting in colour. The things that seemed useless have a new purpose and future in the kingdom of God.

David Crowder writes about this in a book he entitled, “Praise Habit: Finding God in Sunsets and Sushi”. He talks about our perspective change and how we move from seeing God not just as affecting the world around us, but actually indwelling in it. It’s the shift of not just acknowledging the beauty of the normal, but allowing it to stir us and point us to the one who created it. He writes this:

“It is more difficult to find the Creator in a barbecue sandwich than in your favorite Sunday-morning song, but when you do, when you begin to find Him in all the stuff of life, everything starts singing. Every moment breaks into song. Every breath becomes sacrifice, and the songs become sweetness. This is living praise.”

It’s one thing to acknowledge the beauty found in a sunset. It’s another to choose to see it as transcendent, and let it point us to something greater. And if we believe then, that God is indwelling in all things, we start to see things in a new way. Even the annoying, and sometimes frustrating things in life become opportunities to encounter the living and active creator.

This is everyday wonder. The, albeit quite child-like, amazement that God has for us. We were designed to behold the beauty bound up in the world, and ultimately be led into greater relationship and oneness with Christ through it. This is the lens of Christ we have the opportunity to take up. And when we do it begins to change both the monumental and the mundane.

One of the ways I resonate with this idea is through the arts (shocker!). And not just because it’s what I do for a living but because it’s such a pure form of the concept. In it’s most basic form, art, in whatever medium, be it art or music or dance etc., is just an interpretation of how someone sees the world. It’s a capturing of life as seen by an individual artist.

This is one of the reasons we strive to champion the arts at Bethany. We try and tap into that everyday wonder and see what God has done and is doing. And this year we have another opportunity to see some of the incredible ways that God is moving and working in the creative minds of our people. At enKindle, whether it be music or art or dance- we love to see how God is stirring within our community, and ultimately, how you yourself will then be moved. Our hope is to capture the wonder bound up in all of us. To take a day to “look through the kaleidoscope” if you will, and to find the beauty in the ordinary. We hope that it is a day filled with laughter and connection and ultimately beholding the everyday wonder that is all around us.

EnKindle is this weekend, Sun Jun 3, from 11 am to 5 pm at Bethany. We hope to see you there!