Gearing Up for the Fall?

So yes, it’s barely the second week of August. But if you’re anything like me, Summer always seems to speed along and before you know it…we’re back into Fall (yikes!).

For many of us, if not most, part of getting back into Fall means getting back into a more regular routine. Baseball games and other summer activities come to an end. For many, school starts up and the weekly calendar and schedule start to fill up fast.

At Bethany, there is a lot kicking off as well. Our Fall sermon series begins on September 8/9th, which is also the weekend KidZone swings into full motion. Bethany Youth Nation starts up again on September 11th (for students in grades 7-12) and Blast, well, “blasts off” on September 26th. And I haven’t even mentioned Upward Sports or BSMA. You can find out so much more about these family ministries and others by checking out our website.

For those of us beyond high school, we have a variety of ways to get connected at Bethany as well, including ministries and groups.

Of course, one of the key connections we are highlighting for any adults, whether you’re just out of high school or well beyond those years, is our Home Churches. These small groups of people are designed to meet together weekly to connect, pray, engage on the scripture and sermon from the past weekend, support each other and enjoy life together. We already have over 50 Home Churches getting ready to start up this Fall and that number continues to grow!

If you’re looking to be part of a Home Church this Fall season but aren’t sure where to start, here are a few options for you:

  1. You can check out Bethany’s Home Church webpage, which includes a FAQ section, and you can also search for a Home Church, online.
  2. You can contact our Group Life team at or at 905-937-5300 x231.
  3. If you’re interested in knowing more about hosting or leading a Home Church, you can connect with us via the info above or by connecting with us through this link. I also covered more about what leading a Home Church is about in this previous post.
  4. You can talk with friends at Bethany who are looking for a Home Church and consider starting one together.

As Bethany continues to be a caring community and a church that wants to see more people taking more steps with Jesus, our Home Churches are a key way we hope to provide the kind of care, connection and discipleship that Jesus calls us to. I hope you find the above information helpful in getting connected into a Home Church and encourage you to pray about how God might lead you and others to follow Him this season.

Talk to you soon,


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