Getting to Know the Epps!

This post was written by Andrew Epp, who starts at Bethany as our Executive Pastor this January. Andrew, Genevieve and their children will be at Bethany this weekend. After the service, they’ll be at a kiosk in our Foyer. Make sure to stop by and say hello!

I’d love for you to get to know me and the family a little better!

Let’s start with me, Andrew. I’m a guy who love Jesus, the global Church, and my family. I’m excited about being part of the Kingdom that Jesus transferred me into, and I love that He is teaching me to build in it, to be fully alive in Him and to really love people. I love that He made all of us in His image- we are valuable!

I grew up on a dairy farm in the North and learned the electrical trade and maple-syrup making from my dad. I’m the oldest of four siblings. I used to come to St. Catharines to visit my grandparents – and Grandpa and I tasted all the Donut Diner donuts!

I love coffee, gummy candies, and the middle of the cinnamon bun! I’ve done some crazy things- including buying an old church and renovating it from scratch! I don’t think I’ll ever do that again!

I like to take risks, like shark-fishing and being in high places. I would love to skydive someday! I also love boardgames – the really novel ones are best! And, I’m likely a type-A person – driven, hardworking and very focused, but I like to relax too! Florida is a favourite!

My wife Gen is my favourite person ever! She also grew up on a farm, is the oldest of four, and we met at Camp Mishewah when we were teens. It was love at first sight! We both spent a year in leadership training in Texas, and then finished our Business degrees before getting married in 2004. She’s a passionate, feisty, crazy-about-Jesus woman! She loves to talk! She also is into reading, writing, gardening and is learning to cook Indian! (I’m loving that!) Her heart is for people to encounter Jesus and be healed – and she blesses our family with this.
We both shared the Family Pastor title at Plattsville EMC, and she is looking forward to taking some time to hear where God is taking her next.

Our kids are fun! They all make us laugh, and they speak French when they don’t want us to understand them!

Olivia is almost 12, in grade six and she is JOY-embodied! She loves to learn new things, try new skills, would help anyone and is such a hard worker! She is most like me – she keeps her mom on budget and is eager to create mischief! (Who doesn’t love a practical joke?)

Alex is 10, in Grade five and is compassion and crazy-thoughtfulness combined! He is FULL of energy and excitement and is the most curious soul on the planet! If you know about eagles, sharks, crocodiles or wolves, he’ll need to speak with you! He is most like his mom – scattered and chatty! He brings life with him to every room!

Hudson is 7, and is in Grade two. He’s a loving, shy, sensitive guy who takes a while to warm up to new things and new challenges. He can be dramatic and is very intelligent! He loves to create playstories with any toy- but stuffed animals are a favourite! He’s also keenly observant and sees things we all miss. Hudson has been ill for most of his life (asthma and brain tumour) and has learned to be brave and overcome all the challenges he faces!

I’m looking forward to moving with the family to a place with lots of water (Alex NEEDS to fish) and lots of arts (Olivia NEEDS to dance) and lots of love (we NEED to give and receive as part of a bigger Jesus family!). Gen and the kids are excited that we are closer to the Hobby Lobby and Cracker Barrel! (maybe not so much me!)  I want to bless you all for inviting us to be part of your family at Bethany, and so look forward to meeting and getting to know all of you! Our family LOVES being hospitable, so the doors are open and we welcome you to get to know us!

With a full heart,
Andrew Epp

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2 comments on “Getting to Know the Epps!

  1. Walter and Lee Ann Harvey on

    Welcome to the Epp family! Lee Ann and I moved to Vineland 4+. Years ago and live it here! I am an old farm boy, we’ve lived in many places including Atlanta, this is our home now, and are excited to have you join our church! God said go, not sit! Through our years in YFC we learned how valuable that out look is!
    God bless you all!

  2. Andy McNabb on

    The Lord’s blessings to you, Andrew – and to Gen and family. A warm welcome – you’ll come to know and love our greater Bethany family: hearts hungry for Jesus. Andy McNabb


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