God Takes Care of the Details

Guest Author, Anne Neufeld from Prayers and Squares 

Sometimes when I make a quilt for Prayers and Squares Ministry, I wonder as I sew, “who will be the recipient of this quilt?” This was the case when I opened a package of material that contained a horse print. So I prayed that the right person would receive it.

When it was almost done, my husband came home from visiting a friend to whom he had mentioned the prayer ministry. He told Jim about the ‘horse quilt’ that I was making and his friend became very excited about receiving that quilt. Jim had been diagnosed with a rare kidney cancer and wanted prayer for wisdom for the doctors who were deciding on a course of treatment as well as for healing. His wife had in earlier years been an excellent rider and had her dream shattered when she could no longer compete because of health reasons.

We tied the quilt for him in May and my husband and I delivered it. They were so pleased that strangers would have prayed for them and they loved the quilt. We prayed for Jim and his wife, then his wife also prayed a heart-felt prayer. We felt the presence of the Holy Spirit in the room.

Since then, Jim has had treatment and has recovered well and he is to this day so grateful for all the prayers that were lifted up on his behalf. He loves to sit in his recliner with the quilt over his knees. Situations like this reinforce that our ministry is not in vain. The quilts are but tangible evidence of the many prayers that bring comfort and healing to the recipients. God takes care of all the details, including who gets which quilt!