This weekend, we are starting a new series called Grey Area, in which we’ll be looking at some of the difficult conversations in our lives, and how to have conversations with more complexity and compassion.

Because, I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but our world is pretty polarized right now. We are incredibly divided, and more tribal in our thinking than at any other time in my lifetime. And, this is a problem, because “us and them” or “either/or” thinking isn’t right, helpful, or even truthful.

When we reduce things to “either/or,” truth gets lost.

In this series, we want to open up some conversations around some topics that need more nuance and complexity in our world. Because, if the church can learn how to have conversations with people we differ with, and hold onto relationships, this is a gift to offer the world. And, this is a resource we have in our history as a church.

So, I hope you can join with us as we start to explore some key topics, start some important conversations, and seek to learn to live like Jesus in all of this.