GREY AREA: Politics

This weekend, we are continuing in our series, Grey Area, looking at conversations that are difficult, and seeking to have more compassion and complexity in them. I think this is really important in a world that is becoming more and more tribal.

We need to push past easy answers, and toward listening to one another.

And, I think that’s needed almost nowhere as much as in our politics. Because, our world so quickly divides and cuts people down over politics. So, we are going to open up a conversation on politics.

Yes, I want to enter into this messy, divisive, and difficult topic together. Because, I know that politics can and does split families, friendships, and even churches. But, I think avoiding or ignoring it doesn’t help anyone. With as much openness and vulnerability as possible, we are going to wade into these murky waters.

  • Seeking not to divide, but to listen. 
  • Seeking not to cast stones, but to care. 
  • Seeking not to reduce people, but to pursue complexity in this conversation.

Because, whether you are left, right, or unsure, here’s what we are going to explore: Jesus was way more political than we think, but not in the way we think.

Hope you can join with us!