This weekend, we are opening up a really important topic. We are going to be talking about sex. And, as a church, I think it really matters that we talk about this in as open, honest, and vulnerable way possible. Because, the truth is, everyone else talks about it, so we probably should as well.

When it comes to talking about sex, I think the two primary messages we hear are actually wrong…

1. Our Culture

In our culture, we hear that sex is about pleasure, and as long as people are consenting adults and no one is harmed, it’s all good. I think that message is off-base, and this weekend I hope to reveal why.

2. The Church

I think the other message comes from within the church. Primarily, we most often hear, “Don’t have sex.” This leads to people thinking that sex or sexual desire is dirty, wrong, or bad. I also think this message is off-base, and this weekend I hope to reveal why.

In essence, I want to move past our culture that says “yes” to everything, as well as the Western Evangelical Church that so often seems to say “no” to everything.

To do that, we’ll be exploring Genesis and the Song of Solomon. So, if you have time, why not read the Song of Solomon. It might just be one book in the Bible you actually enjoy reading, and you might also be surprised it’s there!

See you this weekend!