IN THE WILD: A Challenge and an Opportunity

We are entering the second week of our sermon series, IN THE WILD, which is all about really exploring, not only how we end up in difficult seasons in life, but how we can survive and leave them.

Last weekend, we began the series by realizing that if we are ever going to leave the wilderness, we need to first name the wilderness. The first step is to enter into the reality in which we find ourselves, and then share it with others.

Because, denying the wilderness never leads to us leaving the wilderness.

This weekend, we want to learn the next step in enabling us to survive the wilderness.

And, it has everything to do with trust.

We are going to be journeying with the Israelites and learning from them in Exodus 15-17. Because, what we notice, at the very beginning of this passage, is that they have just experienced God do a miracle and save them, only to find themselves wandering in, quite literally, the wilderness.

And, by learning from the Israelites, we can discover a key to surviving the wild.

But, before we get there, here is a question I’d love for you to contemplate before coming to the service this weekend:

What is your trust level in God? 

Is it strong? Is it weak? Is it non-existent?

This weekend, we are going to learn more about the importance of trust, and what it all means. But, before we can do that, we should at least ask this question of what trust in God looks like for each of us in the present moment.

Because, I believe that we need to trust God in order to leave the wilderness, and the first step is to acknowledge where we’re at right now.