Is God Nudging You?

I’m sitting here in front of my computer wondering what I can say to fan into a flame that spark or
nudge that God has spoken into your heart concerning Stephen Ministry. I know that there are
potential Stephen Ministers among us, just as I know that God’s heart is for the hurting. I also know
that there are many reasons why Stephen Ministry might seem daunting to you.

You are a busy person, who is most likely caring for a number of hurting people in your life already. This is because you probably have the gifts of mercy, compassion, and helps. The potential Stephen Minister is usually already caring for others, but may feel overwhelmed with that care. The benefit of Stephen
Ministry is that you are not caring on your own. You have a group of Stephen Ministers who encourage,
support, and pray for you as you care for others.

You feel inadequate, and are afraid that you won’t be able to manage some of the situations you might
find yourself in. The truth is, you are right, you are inadequate and that’s a good thing! We don’t want
potential Stephen Ministers to come in thinking they know exactly what to do to help the people they
are caring for. Stephen Ministers are not curegivers, they are caregivers. We need humble people who
recognize that they need Jesus to be a support to those they are caring for. God is the healer and we
must count on Him to do what only He can do. You will get training in how to be a better listener, how
to ask good questions to draw out spiritual concerns and feelings, and how to deal with things like boundary issues, grief, depression and mental health concerns.

If you have felt God’s nudge over the years or even just lately to use your gifts in service to Him and you
know you want to help those you see in pain around you but don’t know how….why not check out
Stephen Ministry? Visit us at our kiosk in a few weeks to talk to one of our Stephen Ministers, send me an email, or pick up an application form and come for an interview. Stephen Ministry training begins Monday, Oct 15. Will we see you there?

Kendra Broadley