Join, Host or Lead a Home Church This Spring!

As a church, Bethany places a really high value on being a disciple of Jesus. If you’re not familiar with that term, it just means that we are learners and followers of Jesus, letting His teaching and His Spirit move and transform us to become more full of grace, truth and love in any and every aspect of our lives.

Sounds exciting, right? And it is! Here’s why.

Jesus often spoke about God’s Kingdom as being this powerful yet subtle reality, something that seems small but then actually becomes the most significant aspect of reality. For instance, Jesus compares His Kingdom to a hidden treasure, something that is unseen because it is buried in a field yet, once discovered, is recognized as having the most immense value. He also compares His Kingdom to a mustard seed, something so small it’s almost insignificant…until it starts to grow! And once it does, it kind of transforms the area around it as more and more mustard plants sprout.

This is how we see our Home Churches at Bethany as well! Something small and maybe even unseen in some ways, but where the immense value and reality of Jesus’ grace, truth and love really take root. As a church, we certainly value being able to come together on weekends in large crowds to worship Jesus, celebrate His work in us and learn more…but it’s in the closer relationships with a few other Jesus-followers that the Kingdom really starts to root and grow in our lives.

That’s what Home Church is about, letting the seed of Jesus’ Kingdom flourish in us, letting it grow into and transform all areas of our lives and learning to share this new way of life with others. And, with our spring Home Church season starting at the end of April, now is a great time to join, host or even lead a Home Church.

Get the Church Center App from your App Store or visit us online to see where and when Bethany Home Churches are meeting near you.

For those interested in knowing more about hosting and leading a Home Church, you can give our staff a call (905-937-5300 x217), email us at, come talk to us at the Next Steps area after the weekend services, or fill out an online form.

One last thing. We have more and more people asking about Home Church, particularly in Niagara Falls, Thorold and Grimsby, but we can only help people connect in one when we have a host and a leader. So if you’re interested in knowing more about joining, hosting or leading a home church, we’d love to help you with that.

Jamie Reimer
Group Life Director