Joining a Home Church This Fall

Home Churches launch for the fall season next weekend! And if you’ve been part of Bethany for even just a little while you’ve probably heard how much we think of Home Churches. That’s because following Jesus, being changed by Him and changing the world with Him is always something we experience best in community. Now, if you’re newer to Bethany or if you’ve been putting off trying a Home Church for a 10-week season, I’m hoping my thoughts below might encourage you to step into one this fall.

I’ve written a lot about Home Churches before, including 3 reasons why I wouldn’t join a Home Church and how to decide whether Home Church or Alpha is the right fit for you. But one thing I keep coming back to with Home Church is the goal of being disciples of Jesus, together. Being a disciple doesn’t mean you know everything about following Jesus or even that you understand everything Jesus is calling us to. I mean, just read any of the four Gospels to see that Jesus’ first and closest disciples were always growing in their understanding, their maturity and their response. For them, and for us as well, following Jesus is a process of transformation as we learn from Jesus and then respond to His work in us.

So, being in a Home Church is for anyone who wants to take their next step with Jesus, together with others. Whether you’re still exploring Jesus, just starting with Him or have known Him for years, Home Church is for you! That’s also why we’ve made joining a Home Church so easy. You can simply talk with someone you know about joining their Home Church, connect with one of our Group Life staff at the Next Steps area after a weekend service or just go to to find a Home Church near you. No really, it’s that easy!

Maybe I’m wrong, but Jesus seemed to always be about bringing people together as they followed Him. So, if you want to take your next step with Jesus, I invite you to do it with others who are on the same journey as you and consider trying a Home Church this Fall.

Grace & Peace,