Learning to Listen

What does it feel like to want to help someone so much and yet you can’t do anything but listen? To know exactly what the one you care about needs and yet you can’t give it to them? It feels amazing! What does it feel like to be an instrument in God’s hand? Awesome and humbling!

Too often we care so much about a person in emotional, physical or spiritual pain, that we either take on the role of “saviour,” which stunts their ability to learn and grow through the difficulty, or we walk away frustrated that they won’t listen to our advice. Neither action results in healing for the person in need and both will cause you to become discouraged. It is liberating to know that you cannot take away someone else’s pain, but you can lift them to the One who can. It is humbling to learn and develop the skills to really listen, and to understand that you can’t take someone out of a process that God is using to mold and shape them into the person He wants them to be, but you can walk alongside them, encouraging, listening, praying, seeking and watching what God will do. This is what it means to be a Stephen Minister.

Are you being called to serve in this ministry? Why not find out? We invite you to fill out an application form and go through the interview to see if Stephen Ministry is right for you. A new training session will be offered in 2015 on Thu Feb 5 to May 21, 7-9:30 pm at Bethany. Sign up at the kiosk on Dec 13/14 or 20/21 OR contact Kendra Broadley at 905-937-2024 or broadley@vaxxine.com. Learn more about Stephen Ministry at stephenministries.org.

Kendra Broadley

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