Made for More: Don’t Waste the Waiting

This weekend, we are continuing in our series Made for More by looking at how God places dreams, visions, and desires within us to accomplish His will, and join Him in changing the world.

And, these dreams and desires can be incredibly diverse.

But, the question for all of us is this: What do you do once God gives you a dream? What is the next step?

That’s often the hardest part. It isn’t in the dreaming, but in the moving from dreaming to acting that we experience difficulty. So, what do you do?

Well, that’s what we will discover this weekend. We’re moving into Nehemiah 2, in which we’ll see how Nehemiah’s dream starts to come to fruition.

And, it happens in an amazing, unexpected, God-miracle kind of way.

So, if you need an amazing, unexpected, God-miracle to move forward in your vision, dream, and “made-for-more” calling, then don’t miss this message.


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