Made for More: I Am Doing a Great Work

What is your favorite verse in the Bible? Seriously?

Which verse do you turn to for support, encouragement, challenge, or direction?

If you had to choose one verse to be a verse that explains your life, what would it be?

Many people have different verses that resonate for them. Each is valid and important if God uses it to guide and shape you. The reason I bring it up is because on Sunday, I’m going to be preaching on what just may be my favourite verse in the Bible. Because while there are so many verses and passages that I love, this is one that has really directed me. It’s one that comes to my mind almost every day. It’s one that is found in Nehemiah, of all places, and one I hope you can join us to hear about.

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2 comments on “Made for More: I Am Doing a Great Work

  1. Gary Anderson on

    I’d say that my favourite verse, in the context it’s so full of the drama that was unfolding!

    Found in the only book in the bible that never mentions God, it’s in Esther 4:14b:

    “And who knows but that you have come to royal position for such a time as this?”


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