Me?! A Home Church Leader?!

The term “leader” can inspire a variety of mental images for us, can’t it? For some of us, it’s an intimidating concept and makes us think of all the ways we’re actually unqualified to lead much of anything. For others, the idea of leading gets us excited as we picture making a difference and breaking new ground. Or for others, the whole thought of leadership just sounds boring as we paint mental pictures of rules and responsibilities that just seem to bog us down.

Well, whatever your idea of leadership may be, one thing is for sure, it’s a broad topic. But it’s also one that Jesus speaks to and invites us into both with humility and awareness. Because, as Jesus saw it, being a leader has less to do with being obviously capable or highly skilled. When Jesus talked about leadership he pushed back against the idea of a leader always being up front and being seen as significant, and instead flipped the script and taught that a leader will be a servant, considering the needs of others before their own.

You can read Jesus’ words about this in Matthew 19, Mark 10 and Luke 22.

Now, here’s why I think this matters in regards to being a Home Church leader. Because leading a Home Church has far more to do with wanting to grow closer to Jesus together with others and learning to be obedient to Him in serving others than it does with feeling we have enough confidence or skill to qualify us to lead.

We can assume that leading means we have to have answers to every question or knowledge of every topic. The truth is that when Jesus called his first disciples (the ones who would be the first leaders in his Church) they didn’t know anything yet. And, in fact, they kept learning even after they were handed “the reins”.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I take leading a home church very seriously, but our qualifications to do so are pretty low, and those don’t have to be mutually exclusive statements. That’s because leading a Home Church isn’t about knowing everything about Jesus or being obviously qualified to lead a group, it’s far more about wanting to know Jesus more and wanting to do that with a few others. And, we don’t want any of our Home Church leaders to feel like they’re doing this on their own, either. That’s why we put a lot of energy into supporting, encouraging, training and collaborating with our Home Church leaders; because we’re in this together!

So, as we get set to start our spring Home Church season on April 28th, maybe you’ve been thinking about starting a Home Church with some friends or neighbours, or maybe you simply feel God asking you to serve others in this way. If that’s you, you can start by filling out an online form, emailing me at or by coming to speak with any of our Group Life staff at the Next Steps area in the foyer this weekend. We’d love to connect and talk through your questions and ideas and hopefully help you start a brand new Home Church this season so that more people can take more steps with Jesus, together.

Grace and Peace,
Jamie Reimer

Surprised Emoji by Adnen Kadri from the Noun Project