Mic Drop: God is in the Shaking

This weekend, we are going to be exploring a story that I believe will alter some of our assumptions about God.

We are going to be looking at Acts 16 in which we read about how Paul and Silas are captured and put in to prison, and the miraculous, and surprising, way God leads them to escape.

My hope is that we might expand the way we think about how God saves us. That we might gain new insight into the ways that God moves. That we might see that sometimes God’s activity is outside the box of our expectations.

Because, if you are anything like me, you want more of God moving in your life, not less.

The challenge is to discern how that might happen, and how God might move and free you to find your next step.

So, that’s where we’re headed – looking at this ancient story about how God moved way back then, in order to see how He might move in our lives today.


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