Mic Drop: God’s Plan for Us

Well, it’s the long weekend, and it happens to coincide with my birthday, so for this weekend’s message we are going to be looking a bit of an odd topic: Getting older.

What I want to explore is the fact that all of us are getting older – this is true whether you’re 7 or 77. And, more specifically, we want to look at how God actually moves in and through that fact.

I also want to explore what we currently have in our culture called “The cult of the new.” This is when everything has to be new to be good, so therefore anything old is bad. This is how your iPhone 7 that was amazing before is now bad because there is an iPhone 8. This is the cult of the new.

So, this weekend, we are going to be examining how these themes of growing older, and our obsession with newness, intersect with Isaiah 43.

I hope you can join us because, young or old, I think this message will matter for all of us as we are reminded of one thing: God is not finished with any of us yet.

Hope to see you!


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