babyZone: God Helps Me to Grow

“God made us.” (See Malachi 2:10)

This month we will help your child:

  • Associate new accomplishments with God and Jesus
  • Enjoy the success of new accomplishments.

Do these activities with your child to continue the learning your child has experienced at church.

Sing It!

I Am Growing (Tune: “Are you sleeping?”)

I am growing.
I am growing.
Yes, I am.
Yes, I am.
One time I was smaller.
Now I am much taller.
Watch me grow.
Watch me grow.

Sing this song to your child as you play with him or her. Show your child a picture of him or herself when they were younger and smaller. Talk about how much bigger he or she has grown. “Lindsay, you’re growing! You’ve learned to sit up, and now you’re learning to crawl. God made you, and He helps you grow.” Children will begin to associate God’s care with their growth and new accomplishments.

Do It!

I’m Growing

When I was a baby,
I was very, very small.
Now I’m growing older.
I’m growing big and tall.

When I was a baby,
I could only crawl.
Now I can walk, and I can jump.
But, sometimes, down I fall!

Say and do this finger play with your child. Use your child’s name instead of “I”. Toddlers will enjoy the sounds and actions, although they may not be able to do the finger play with you yet. Acting out the poem as you say it will also be enjoyable for your child. Encourage a toddler to crawl with you or to gently sit down.

Little Activities for Little People


  • Take advantage of nature’s beautiful “mobiles” – the quiet floating of falling snow; leaves and branches dancing in the wind or rain trickling down a windowpane. Hold your baby near a window and comment on what you see. Look at the branches blowing in the wind. “God made the wind. God made the leaves. God made you! God is helping you grow!”
  • Rocking your baby or preparing him or her for a nap can be a special “I love you” time. “You’re growing, _________. Sometimes you like to rest. Sometimes you like to play. God loves you when you rest or play.” Having a favourite blanket or toy to helps most children relax. Play a quiet song from a children’s CD.

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