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Preschool: Screen Time , Part Two

Hopefully by now you’ve watched the video that goes with this lesson on addressing screen time and your preschooler. If you have, you know it was filled with practical and relevant information on how to make digital technology a positive for your preschooler rather than a negative. We can’t deny the benefits of technology or…

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babyZone: Question & Answer 

Q. My toddler is fascinated by television. He loves to watch it. Should I be concerned about any possible ill effects? A. There is significant evidence that toddlers have a great need to explore their surrounds and manipulate objects in order to nurture their curiosity and stimulate their intelligence. If you are willing to allow…

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Preschool: Screen Time, Part One

This is the digital age and the age of rapid technological advancement. We can’t run from it, so we have to make sure we understand it, are in tune to it, and most importantly, in control of it—rather than letting it control us or our kids. This Online Parenting Class video helps you come to…

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