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5 Reasons Why Every Student Should Serve on a Mission Trip

1. Mission Trips Bring People Together. If you’ve ever been on a retreat or a serving opportunity before, you know how that experience can build community. Teenagers ride together, play together, eat together, stay up late together, get up tired together… “Together” is a powerful word. Students feel a deep sense of belonging and purpose…

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Seven Symptoms of Too Much Social Media Use

Blog via Tim Elmore at According to Common Sense Media, 50% of teens say they are addicted to their cell phone. While CSM concludes more study is needed to determine how deep the digital addiction is, teens feel the symptoms and consequences of it. It’s a growing issue in middle class America. Two-thirds of parents,…

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When Your Teen Doesn’t Want to Go to Church

I recently read an article about a family who loved to hike. Actually, not all of them loved it. One son shared how every weekend, rain or shine, he was forced to put on his hiking shoes (yes, forced) and he was loaded into the family car for what he described as a boring, wasted…

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