Refugee Families

Bethany has two refugee families arriving in the next few months. Please be in prayer for these families as they arrive, get settled and adjust to a different world than what they are used to. Read more about each family below:

Family from Pakistan

This 10-member Christian family from Pakistan has faced persecution from Muslims in their area. Their lives have been threatened and they have been forced to live in hiding for many years. They and their church have been attacked several times and although they have escaped to Thailand, the family lives constantly in fear.

Family from Africa

Uwimana is a single mother to five daughters, living in a refugee camp in Kenya. Her and her family escaped from Rwanda during the 1994 genocide. In 2003, her husband went to Nairobi and has not returned – his whereabouts are unknown. Because of her husband’s disappearance, Uwimana was unable to provide for the needs of her children, so in 2004, they moved to the refugee camp and have been there since.

Life in the refugee camp is not easy. Uwimana and her girls have to contend with the harsh climate (heat, flooding, dust) and with the dangers of being an all-female family – there is no family protector with her husband gone.

How You Can Help

Firstly, and most importantly, keep these families in your prayers. They have a difficult journey ahead as they travel to our country and adjust to a new life.

Secondly, watch the Bethany eBulletin for household needs for these families. We will be listing specific requirements for these families in the future.

We will keep you updated once they arrive! Thank you for your much-needed support of these families.



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  1. Effie Faubert on

    My neighbour recently passed away. His kids have asked if I know where a couple of beds could be donated. One is a trundle bed. Is this something you need for the refugee families?


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