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Andrew Epp

Executive Pastor

I’m a guy who loves Jesus, the global Church, and my family. I’m excited about being part of the Kingdom that Jesus transferred me into, and I love that He is teaching me to build in it, to be fully alive in Him and to really love people. I love that He made all of us in His image- we are valuable! Entering into conversations about want God is doing, or ideas you might have, are the most exciting conversations!

I grew up on a dairy farm in the North and learned the electrical trade and maple-syrup making from my dad. I’m the oldest of four siblings. I love coffee, gummy candies, ice cream, and the middle of the cinnamon bun! I’ve done some crazy things- including buying an old church and renovating it from scratch! I don’t think I’ll ever do that again!

I like to take risks, like shark-fishing and being in high places. I would love to skydive someday! I also love boardgames. And, I’m likely a type-A person – driven, hardworking and very focused, but I like to relax too!