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Patty Vandekamp

Director of Pastoral Care Phone: 905-937-5300 x203

Having grown up in a solid, Christian home with a wonderful family, Patty learned to love Jesus at an early age. In 2002, Patty and her family began attending Bethany Church. Her husband Ron and their three children, Ryan, Matthew and Rebecca, have all been deeply impacted spiritually by attending Bethany. Ron & Patty have been actively involved in small group life and as a result have developed lasting friendships that have been instrumental in their spiritual walks. In 2005 Patty came on staff as Bethany’s Facilities and Events Coordinator, and was later also hired as Pastor Larry’s Personal Assistant. She counts it a privilege to serve in these roles that allow her to open Bethany’s doors to our Niagara community and beyond. It is a blessing to be able to use this facility to serve both our church and our local community! In her spare time Patty loves to spend time with her family, indulge in a good novel, listen to inspiring music, go for a run or spend time in the garden.