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Peter Roessner

Assistant Director of Group Life Phone: 905-937-5300 x217

Peter grew up in St Catharines with his parents, and his younger brother & sister who are twins. Together, they attended a Mennonite church in St Catharines. Growing up, Peter was always intrigued with God, but did not care much for church. It was not until high school when he attended a ‘Kingdom Bound’ concert that, despite not wanting to be there, he felt God’s presence in a powerful way. This began a new journey for him as his relationship with Jesus deepened, and he began participating at a Salvation Army church in Niagara Falls.

It was at the Salvation Army where he met the pastors’ daughter, Becky, and fell head over heals for her. After pursuing her for a year, they began a dating relationship that would last 8 more. During this time Peter and Becky went on short-term missions trips to Haiti, and inner city New York, and Peter’s commitment to Jesus, and the church, continued to grow. After high school Peter entered into Concurrent Education at Brock University.

During Peter’s time at Brock, his faith continued to be shaped, and challenged, in various ways. Soon, he lost interest in becoming a teacher, and it was this revelation that led to a season of serious soul searching. It was this soul searching that eventually led him to enroll at McMaster Divinity College after completing his undergraduate degree in Human Geography.

Peter’s three years at McMaster were yet another period of profound changes in his life spiritually, but also relationally with Becky. It was during this time that Peter and Becky got engaged, and a year later, married. A required internship during this time also brought Peter to Bethany. Under the mentorship of Pastors’ Larry, Marty, and Mike, Peter began to see evermore clearly the direction in which the Spirit was leading him—to be a pastor. Upon completing his Master’s in Theological Studies (M.T.S), he applied, and was hired on as the Director of Young Adult’s at Bethany Community Church. At Bethany he feels privileged to live out his passion of fostering corporate spirituality, and encouraging the deepening of personal relationships with Jesus Christ in the young adult community.