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Trevor Janzen

Board of Overseers Chair

My wife Nancy and I joined Bethany Community Church in 2005 because we felt welcome and people seemed to be genuine and authentic about their faith. I am thankful for my wife Nancy and our 3 young boys bursting with energy, Benjamin, Noah, and Stephen because through their eyes, everything looks new to me.

My spiritual journey was significantly impacted when I lost my dad to a work-related accident when I was 10 years old. I was part of the Christian church community during my high school years but it was in my head and not my heart. I did not understand the difference between being religious and being a genuine Christ follower and eventually I stopped going to church. While living in Vancouver, I heard a new song by Switchfoot for the first time “We were meant to live for…more”. Something in me cried out when I heard this song. The part of me deep inside that was broken and yearned to understand what it meant to be close to God. This kickstarted a journey that led to my wife and I joining a Bible study group. When I realized that because of what Jesus did for me, there was nothing I could do to make God love me any more or any less, I finally understood what it meant to follow Jesus and I made that choice.

I volunteered at the Southridge Shelter between 2005 and 2010. For the last several years, my wife Nancy and I have been leading a Life Team where we are willing to be vulnerable, grow, serve, and do life together. I enjoy coaching my oldest son’s hockey team and long ago I enjoyed singing in Bethany’s choir because I am passionate about singing. I also enjoy volleyball, beach volleyball, basketball, cycling, reading and ultimate Frisbee.

Professionally speaking, I am a Chartered Chemist and a Professional Geoscientist working as a Senior Geoscientist, Project Manager, and Technical Advisor in the environmental consulting industry. I have a strong background in building, leading and managing teams; strategic planning; operations; business development; employee performance; and technical training.

One of our family values is “wash feet”; the reason I love the church is because of the heart Bethany has for the community. My prayer for Bethany is for unity in non-salvation issues and to create God-space, a place where relationships are built by loving and serving the community, and a place where disciples are made because the Holy Spirit helps non-Christians feel respected and comfortable sharing how they really feel.