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Troy Western

Director of Technical Arts Phone: 905-937-5300 x229

Troy was born at a very young age in southern Alberta. Bit by bit, he made his way north over the years dreaming of acting, music, writing and travel. Seeking family connections and work opportunities, his parents chose to make a big move to Ontario where, along with his sister, they found themselves in St. Catharines. Troy spent his formative years developing his passions for theatre, music and video production. He was blessed with marrying his high school sweetheart and they had their first child, all while he attended Niagara College for Broadcasting. Before long, they were blessed with their second child while Troy pursued a career in television broadcasting. All of a sudden, 20 years zoomed past and Troy was called to another major milestone: the Bethany Community Church family brought him into their fold as Technical Arts Director. It is here where all of his passions culminate into one, where he is being called to offer his skills and talents and to develop new ideas that will help connect people with God.