Stephen Ministry and the Elderly

While many attempt to portray “the golden years” as something to look forward to, the reality for many is that the years of retirement – relaxing and finally doing what has been put off for this time of leisure – are not as wonderful as was expected.

As people age, there are a great many losses that occur. For some, it is the loss of purpose and connection. The job that got them up every morning is gone, and so are the friends and colleagues. Even the annoying co-workers begin to be missed and are thought of warmly. There are increasing health issues, and the deaths of long-time friends, cherished family members and spouses become common. The family home becomes too big and financially or physically burdensome, so they must be sold and cherished possessions are given away or discarded. The move takes the senior away from long-time neighbours, and into a new environment where making friends might not be as easy as it was when they felt surer of themselves and their abilities. This is a time when some seniors become isolated, feel neglected by busy family members and friends, and they could fall into despair and depression.

Stephen Ministers are trained listeners. They want to come alongside all those who are hurting because of difficult life situations and, for some seniors, aging is one of these. If you have a heart for seniors, and would love to spend an hour a week building into a person who deserves to be acknowledged, please consider taking the Stephen Ministry training offered in 2015 on Thu Feb 5 to May 21, 7-9:30 pm at Bethany. Sign up at the kiosk on Dec 13/14 or 20/21 OR contact Kendra Broadley at 905-937-2024 or Learn more about Stephen Ministry at

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