The Jesus Experiment: Law and Order

This weekend, we are continuing in our series, The Jesus Experiment, looking at what if we actually just do what Jesus says. That, if Jesus says it, we should just do it. But, before we get to the more well-known sayings like, “Turn the other cheek” or “Love your enemies,” Jesus wants to discuss the Law.

And, this is a really complex discussion, even in current theology. Specifically, there are many questions surrounding what a Christian’s relationship is with the Hebrew Bible, otherwise known as the Old Covenant, or the Old Testament in Latin.

How does Jesus relate to the Jewish Law? And, therefore, how should we?

So, we are going dive into these complex discussions, and I hope we’ll gain some clarity on what Jesus is saying. Because, to be honest – like I often say, we can be honest in church (and in blog posts!) – as of right now, I’m not totally sure what Jesus is teaching in this passage. But, hopefully I’ll have something to share by the weekend. ☺