The Jesus Experiment: Revenge

This weekend, we want to talk about the plot of basically every movie ever: Revenge. Hate. And, getting even. Because, this is a theme that runs throughout our culture – that if we are hurt, we should hit back. It’s called the cycle of violence, and we live with the myth of redemptive violence.

Jesus challenges this directly in Matthew 5:38-42 with a teaching that is so needed in our world. He is going to say that we need to “turn the other cheek.” And, we are going to explore what this means.

But, what it doesn’t mean is that if we are hurt, we can hit back. Simultaneously, it doesn’t mean that if we are hurt or abused, we are to just continue to take it. Jesus has a third way of pursuing justice, while also rejecting violence.

So, please join with us this weekend as we jump into all of this!