The Jesus Experiment: Salty and Bright

Starting this weekend, we want to dive into a brand new sermon series to kick off the New Year. And, it’s going to address one radical question…

What if we just actually did what Jesus said?

Like, what if we took it seriously? What if we practiced it diligently? What if we didn’t make excuses or exceptions, and just trusted enough that if Jesus said it, we should probably do it. Because, that’s going to be our stance for the next six weeks as we work through our series, “The Jesus Experiment,” which is all about seeking to fully put into practice what Jesus says and does.

And, to do this, we are going to be exploring the Sermon on the Mount, picking up where we left off at this time last year (starting in Matthew 5:13-16). Over the next few weeks, we will examine, arguably, Jesus most important teaching about what He asks His followers to do. We are going to learn about anger, loving our enemies, turning the other cheek, being “salt and light,” and most importantly what Jesus asks of each of us.

So, we hope you can join us as we learn to truly follow Jesus, and put into practice what He says and asks of us.