This Beautiful Mess: Irresponsibility Kills Relationships

Hey Everyone! This weekend, we are launching into a new series called This Beautiful Mess. This is something I’m really excited about, and will actually relate to all of us.

Because, it’s about relationships.

I hope we can agree that relationships are, at times, beautiful, messy things. Sometimes they feel more beautiful, when they are working, moving and growing. At other times, they feel more messy, when they are fracturing, disintegrating and drama-filled.

Over the next few weeks, we will be exploring some of the messy side and some of the beautiful side. And, through this, we will hopefully discover how to have healthier, better and wholler relationships.

Which is something I know I need, and my bet is you do too.

To start, we are going to be looking at Genesis 2-3 through a relational lens. We are going to be looking at what can we learn about relationships in and through the first relationship between Adam and Eve.

And, there’s a lot there to unpack.

So, I hope you can join with us as we look at how we can have more beauty and less mess in our lives.


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