Tuning in: Philadelphia

This weekend, we are going to be talking about being the underdog – a theme to which I think many of us can relate. Often, we feel like the David in a Goliath match. And, whether that’s facing a giant of debt, divorce, difficulty, depression or whatever, we often feel like the forces against us are greater than the forces within us.

That’s what we are going to explore through a letter written to a church in Philadelphia. It’s all about overcoming when we are weak and without the needed strength. And, we all know what that’s like, because all of us face situations in which we are outmatched, under-resourced and struggling.

So, that’s where we are going, and I hope you can join us!

And, since I’m going to be talking about a few underdog themes, why not prepare by reading the passage in Revelation 3:7-13, and perhaps watch your favourite underdog movie as well. Whether that’s Rudy, Remember the Titans, Little Giants or Rocky, find one and watch it. That’s a good way to prepare for this message.

Not a bad challenge, right? See you this weekend!


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