Update from Guatemala, Pt. 2

Leaving our second home…

Mixed emotions are all part of the process of leaving a place we love and feel connected. As the bus pulled away, team members looked out the window at the community of Iglesia Bautista ‘Monte Santo’ in Los Liros that quickly became family. I’m always astounded at how easily we can become attached to the people in Guatemala, and how hard it is to say goodbye after 11 days. We become family so quickly as we serve together on the work project, and as we worship the same God together, despite language differences.

What makes saying goodbye so hard? I think it all boils down to the differences we see in the lives of the believers in Guatemala. First and foremost, I think I can speak for the whole team when I say that we are inspired and honored to get to serve with people like Pastor Marco and Ruth. This couple has completely centred their lives around following Jesus and serving in whatever way they can to bring glory to Him. They are not just people who speak in word, but in deed by sacrificing their own wants and needs for the lives of the people around them. This is true also for the Guatemalan men that we worked with on the construction site, and the women who helped do our laundry and cook for us. What a pleasure to serve alongside and learn from people like this!

As the team debriefed on Saturday night, a lot of discussion was around the love we felt in Guatemala and the way that the believers have hope in the gospel of Jesus. They may not have all the material things that we have – financial & job security or houses that look like ours, but they have put hope on the only thing that matters – Jesus and His saving grace. What a testimony! What a reflection of what it truly looks like to follow and serve a God that is sufficient for all our needs. One question that Dale brought up in debrief seemed to sink it afterwards: “Are we ready to have God make us uncomfortable with our comfortability back at home?”¬†This is a challenge we all face as we allow God to use this trip to change our perspectives and align ourselves with HIS purpose for our lives on earth.

Written by Kristen Veenhuis & Felicia Williams , Guatemala 2019 team members.

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