Update from Missionary Nichola Henry

Dear Bethany family,

Thank you for supporting OM (Operation Mobilization) & me throughout 2018 as we work to see vibrant communities of Jesus followers in least-reached communities.

2018 was a year of change; ministry-wise and personally. From being on the international audit team and working from home; to my admitting that I couldn’t live alone and work from home without becoming reclusive; to my joining the Caribbean team & getting an office in the OM Canada building.

Here is a look back on 2018.
January to May 2018
• I visited Tyrone, Georgia in my capacity as North America Area CFO and worked with 3 teams; OM Arts (transited to a new accounting ledger); OM USA (implemented a new accounting software) & OM Caribbean.

• I performed operational audits on 3 OM teams in Tajikistan, Egypt, Israel, all majority non-Christian nations.

June to December 2018
• In June, I joined the OM Caribbean team as Associate Field Leader. I now have oversight for operations, communication, projects and help with donor management. The main emphasis of the Caribbean team is to mobilize nationals for global missions. We also have 3 ongoing projects in Haiti.

• As Jamaica needs a new Island leader, in August I took a couple from our Dominican Republic team to Jamaica who were considering relocating.

• In September, I visited Haiti to meet the Island leader and project managers.

• In November I completed my final commitments to the audit team by performing 2 audits in Singapore; OM Singapore & OM’s Mercy Team International which has projects among the disenfranchised in Cambodia, Thailand, and Indonesia.

• In December I was back in Tyrone. It was now my turn to be audited. I prepared our Caribbean team for the audit, so the actual findings were not surprising.

2019 Plans
As a team, we want to commit to a year of prayer for God to raise up Caribbean Nationals to bring the Gospel to the least reached. The region has a population of 44 million in 30 islands and a significant evangelical population. Pray that church leaders will encourage members to be full-time missionaries.

There is much poverty and local need, but the church is diverse and can attend to both local needs and the need to take the gospel globally, so that ‘all the nations you have made …. will bring glory to your name. Ps. 86:9’

I plan to stay in Jamaica for the first quarter of 2019 to interview for a new island leader, team members, churches and donors to strengthen the ministry.

Thank you for your prayers and support. If you want to know more, please contact me at nichola.henry@om.org. Blessings!


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One comment on “Update from Missionary Nichola Henry

  1. Deborah Arsenault on

    Hello Nichola,
    So nice to hear your good work abroad. We have continued with our home church in Welland and the Lord is ever with us in our discussions around the table. We, of course, continue to pray for you while you fulfill your calling and miss you as well.
    Grace and Peace to you and all those you meet,
    Deborah Arsenault


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