Update from the Guatemala Team!

Date: January 21, 2019
Subject: Guatemala Update 1

Greetings from Guatemala !

The past seven days have been anything but ordinary.

We were greeted with the usual hospitable and exciting welcome by the Los Liros community. This included balloons, gifts, fireworks and a little speech to thank us for coming again. The team felt at home in Pastor Marco and Ruth’s home in no time.

The weather has been consistently hot (an average of 35) everyday, which makes water breaks essential. The team has formed a strong bond in the short time we’ve been here and each person smoothly finds their place on the job site each morning. We are laying block on the second floor of the Compassion school, and painting at the church and at the school built by previous teams. Along with this, a few team members have dedicated the afternoons to running a children’s program to reach out to the community and teach them Gods word.

One of the most amazing things to see while we’re here is the way that we can work together as a body of Christ. We each come from different backgrounds and stories, but here on this trip we’re reminded of the way that God brings us together for one purpose – to Glorify Him. Each day we are joined by a team of local men and women who faithfully help in whatever way they can. We are blown away by the way that the people here show us how to serve.

The outreach efforts by the church have definitely been noticed. Whether making home visits with a month’s worth supply of food and sharing God’s word, or encouraging the community in El Astillero, it is clear that the church of Los Liros is focused on bringing Jesus to everyone and sharing His love.

It has also been amazing to see the way that God has grown us all and stretched us each individually in our faith journeys. Each day someone shares a devotion about a verse that reminds them of their Identity in Christ. This has sparked numerous conversations and authenticity in the team. We have all been encouraged to look to Gods word to find the promises of who we are in Him.



All that to say, God is at work here in Guatemala and in our hearts. He is worthy to be praised !!!

Submitted by Felicia and Kristen on behalf of Guatemala team


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  1. Rosemary on

    Praying for Marinus and the team as a whole, for safety, for encouragement and for peace, as we await news of surgery on Marinus’ back. May there be no complications and speedy recovery, with no lasting residual issues.


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