Update from the Suggetts: “Is there anything more ordinary than bread?”

“And give us this day, our daily bread…”

So begins the book “Blessed Broken Given: How Your Story Becomes Sacred in the Hands of Jesus” by Glenn Packiam. I’ve only just begun the book but it’s already got me hooked. 

Packiam writes, “It is the very commonness of bread that accounts for its appearance again and again in Scripture. It isn’t bread’s spectacular or unique features that contribute to its prominence. It is its ordinariness, its ‘mere-ness’. It is just bread.”

One of the things which excites me about working with the Bloom software team is how Bloom is equipping very ordinary people to create books which are blessing their language communities. A recent example of this is how the ordinary children of the Puerta Abierta school in Guatemala recently produced two locally-illustrated Bloom Talking Books. These books are now featured on the Bloom Library website here and here. Reflecting on these latest additions to the library, Bloom software designer John Hatton writes, “I think they are a terrific example of how engaging books are when drawn locally, even if the drawings don’t look ‘professional’.” 

Prior to learning about these new Bloom books, I knew nothing about the Puerta Abierta school, so I thought I’d look it up. I’m really impressed! The school’s mission statement reads, “Empowering children and families to use creativity, critical thinking, and literacy to become innovative problem solvers, agents of change, and leaders within their community.” Talk about a bold and exciting mission statement!

Weekly, the Bloom team gets to hear about how ordinary (yet interesting!) people are using Bloom to create some unique literacy materials for their language communities. And even though my job as Bloom tester seems very ordinary, I’m humbled and thrilled to be a part of this work.

Packiam’s summary helps me to understand the blessedness of my often mundane work. He writes, “Jesus took bread, blessed it by giving thanks to the father, broke it, and gave it. Bread in the hands of Jesus is blessed, broken, and given. And so it is with you. Your life, as common and ordinary as bread, in Jesus’s hands become something more.”

In the same way, we want to assure you that your partnership with us—which may not seem at all spectacular to you—does indeed become something more in the hands of Jesus.

Thank you for joining with us in God‘s work among the people of the world.

– Colin

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