Weekend Review: A Misfit Christmas

This past weekend, we looked at how Christmas belongs to the misfits. We looked at the following people…

Mary was from a backwater town, with no power, money, position, or agency. She was a young woman in a world that devalued and degraded the important of women. She was, in essence, a misfit.

The shepherds were also misfits. In that culture, shepherds were often on the outskirts of society, because their job and role was considered ritually “unclean.” They lived with sheep, smelled like sheep, and followed sheep. So, they were nomadic, often seen as dirty and unclean, and pushed to the margins.

Then, there are the wiseman. Technically, they were magi – astrologers or stargazers who were traditionally looked down upon, as indicated in the Bible. Also, they were people from a different region, race, and religion. In essence, they didn’t fit in with the other people from Israel. They weren’t Jewish, they didn’t keep kosher, and they didn’t fit in with the story. But, God uses them to welcome and worship Jesus, even though they are misfits in the story.

The point is, Christmas belongs to the misfits – that God includes people who don’t fit into His story. God welcomes, includes, and empowers those on the margins of society to be part of His story. And, because we have become so familiar with Christianity, we often miss this.

Christmas belongs to the misfits.

To close, we were reminded that if you feel like a misfit, you are welcomed by Jesus into His story. And, if you feel secure, strong, and settled (and there is nothing wrong with that!!), then you should use that, be like God, and welcome misfits into your story. You should reach out and invite them in.

So, because Christmas belongs to the misfits, we ended with communion – to receive welcome from Jesus as misfits, and then to think about who we can welcome in with Jesus.


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